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BtNetProtect Plus Installation problem

Early this morning the following message was on another board as I couldn't work out how to do a 'new' message. Someone has now kindly showed me how to post a  new message....




I ordered BT vision as a present for my husband and as our McAfee was up for renewal and it comes free with the vision package I subscribed us to, I downloaded BT Netprotect plus onto 1st my laptop, which runs Windows Vista (no problem at all with the download), then onto my husband's older computer which runs Windows XP - disaster.  It removed the old McAfee and Spybot, at which point I left the room for a bit. When I came back into the room, I don't know what part of the download it had reached, but there was a black screen with a lot of writing on, which states at the end 'Verifying DMI Pool Data......Boot from CD'. I checked there was nothing in the CD drive, floppy drive and no flashdrive, then restarted it but it always goes back to that same screen and message ending in Boot from CD.


I have spent hours on line trying to locate a solution, but anything I find about it is so technical I am completely lost. As far as I can tell from info I have read, Windows XP is not loading/being recognised and perhaps if I can load that I can get access to the data on the hard drive.  The computer was built by a local firm about 6 years ago, but I cannot find any discs to reload. I am really hoping it does not have to go back to factory setting (or that the hard drive is now duff) because I do not want to lose what is on the hard drive. If only every time we said 'we must get an external hard drive' we had actually bought one!


If anyone could help me solve this I would be extremely grateful. Thanks,

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