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Re: Building Can Get Fibre But Flats Can't?

Hi @MrMoriarty  Openreach have now corrected your address record to match Royal Mail. The fibre availability is the same as the line is Exchange Only. I've also sent you a PM as the address you provided is slightly different.


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Re: Building Can Get Fibre But Flats Can't?

Hi I have a similar problem to that previously mentioned here in that some flats (there are only 😎 in my 1960s purpose built block in Islington)  can get fibre broadband but others cannot. The Openreach site says fibre to the cabinet is coming soon but I know that it is already available for 5 of the 8 flats and definitely installed and working in at least one of my neighbours flats just not mine!

Maybe I have an exchange only line or maybe something else needs correcting. I have no connection at present at all but the previous occupants did have a live line with non fibre internet up to August this year.

Any help gratefully received.




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Re: Building Can Get Fibre But Flats Can't?

Hi john, i am having the same issue the pub I live above has fibre directly into the building, despite several attempts the isps are saying it's not at my address. Recently the whole street has had a fibre installed last week but the line for the pub in my opinion has been there a lot longer as no works been done in all the time I've been here last 12 months internally yet I still cant get anything other than 1 to 3mg copper wired broadband? Any ideas? 




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Re: Building Can Get Fibre But Flats Can't?

Hi, my issue was sorted by going with TalkTalk which was the only ISP which allowed me to select a fibre package as opposed to the standard copper only. (Inserting your landline number into the site is better than relying on address I found.) Now that I am with Talktalk other ISP’s  sites allow me to select a fibre service if I wanted to change ISP to them. Maybe because TalkTalk would then be forced to transfer the service by virtue of the regulators rules.

I am no expert but I think the explanation might be that BT had no slots in the local cabinet which meant those other ISPs -Vodafone for example who rely on piggy backing BT’s slots could not supply either. I read  somewhere that Talktalk and maybe some others have the right to install their own kit in the cabinet so maybe they had capacity and BT did not. 

Another thing you should check is that your line is connected to a fibre enabled cabinet and is not for example an exchange only line. There is a we site that lets you do this by putting in your number.

Good luck

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Re: Building Can Get Fibre But Flats Can't?

That's the problem mate, apparently there are 4 active lines here and I ain't got a clue which one it is or if my flat actually has one of those active lines 😂. None of this makes sense to me and it's stupid I cant even contact those that lay the lines 

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Re: Building Can Get Fibre But Flats Can't?

I thought that you must have an active line if you are getting 1-3mbs  but maybe that is just what the website says you will get. If you had a  working line you would have been able to check your phone number and what is available against it.

Assume you have a  BT master phone socket? If so they can supposedly active service remotely and maybe worth plugging a landline phone in -mine still worked even though the previous occupants had cancelled their contract when they moved and I was then able to get the number from it.

If you have no active line maybe the way to start is to get one installed/activated and then use this number to check which cabinet you are connected to and what is a available and if there is no decent service cancel the contract . BT site says can cancel any time within 14 days of service starting.

Alternatively if you have decent mobile 4G reception use a sim card in a 4G modem or hot spot from your phone. Unlimited data contracts can be as cheap as £20pm

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Re: Building Can Get Fibre But Flats Can't?

There are 4 lines apparently mate, but I dont know the numbers so I cant test them and as it's a business downstairs I dont wanna be trying to take over the wrong line. I already have 4g but it's terrible for gaming on latency wise. It's strange to me how fibre can be directly into a building and I can physically see it but they say they dont have it showing on there system. I have emailed openreach, the guys over the road were getting 9mbps before the fibre came. Since I've been here I've always been on 4g and only the recent installation of fibre up the street has twigged my interest 

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