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Built in Lan not connected?

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The daughter moved into a Bellway new build about a year ago, with FTTP built-in.

Openreach connected the Fibre, BT Installed the Smart Hub and we have had no problems, and basically, everything including TV's, iPhone, Laptops, are all Wi-Fi connected.

I thought I would hard wire one of the TV’s as the Ethernet sockets are just 2 feet away,  I plugged the yellow Ethernet cable into the wall and TV and then tried to change the Samsung TV to Wired, but in the settings, the TV only shows the Ethernet animation telling you to plug it in!  the same result with a Laptop,  so I  think I have no signal at all at the sockets (Lan) built into the house.

The Hub is connected to the Modem using the Wan red Ethernet socket. I looked at the Modem and it has about 4 or 5 greens lights on but could see the symbols for what they stood for.

My Question is, 

Do you have to use the yellow Ethernet connecters on the Smart Hub to power the Lan part of the Network?

I found this picture below, do I have to use 2 Ethernet cables to link from the Router to the Home- wiring  patch-panel circled in red, and is the patch panel built into the bottom of the BT Modem or will it be close by?

Thanks for looking 



This looks like the same Modem.


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Re: Built in Lan not connected?

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You need to connect a Ethernet cable from the hub to the appropriate socket on the patch panel so the connection in a particular room has internet connection

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Re: Built in Lan not connected?

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Thanks imjolly, and for the quick reply will get on to it this week and report back.
thanks again
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