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Bullied by Billing and forced to cancel

Well I have beenw with BT for over a year, and yes Billing have made some mistakes I was even given a special billing phone number 0800 553311 at the begning to do their errors but the always sorted it, however this time they have over charged me by £180 and have dragged their feet, spoke to me in a derogitive manner, hung up on me and passed me from pillar to post from country to country only to have part of the over charge refunded and blamed for a failed order.


So today I have cancelled and closed my account, they took broadband off me due to their error and vision too and have disconnected my number from the exchange so that I have to get a new line installed with a better provider.


I am utely disgusted an am lodging a complaint with BT and OFCOM.


They kept on saying oh we dont want to loose you as a customer but have bullied, intimidated and not offered any compensation or support to keep me.

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Re: Bullied by Billing and forced to cancel

It's amazing how there is this misconception that OFCOM is where you complain. It is not - they do not deal with individual complaints.


When you have exhausted the complaints process within BT, you go to OTELO:

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Re: Bullied by Billing and forced to cancel

Hi stujbyron83,

Welcome to the forum. Sorry for the problems you've had with your BT account.

If there's anything I can look into for you please feel free to get in touch with your forum username and your BT account number (you will see this on your final bill - or any previous bill from BT) to the email address registered against my profile.


Community ModeratorStephanie
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Re: Bullied by Billing and forced to cancel



How do I Email Stephanie the Moderator with the Details that she wants or do i post them on here




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Re: Bullied by Billing and forced to cancel

Hi Stu


I strongly suggest that you don't put any personal info on here

These forums are public - for all to see!


If you click on Steph's name (her profile), it'll show the email address to use


But I'll post it anyway -

-+-No longer a forum member-+-
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