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Buying a Mobile phone from BT

Hi Folks,


Currently I have a 5 sim family package with BT mobile. Each user has 15gig of data. The contract expires in December. I need to replace some or maybe all of my mobiles and I am considering waiting until December and buying mobiles from BT under contract when renewing my Sim deal. However, I have just had a look at the cost of the phones BT provide. A galaxy S7 Edge will cost £52 per month for 2 years with a 15gig data allowance. Thats a total of around £1200 per phone over 2 years. Now I need 5 of these or similar. thats £6000.00 for 5 mobile deals over the two year contract. Have I entirely lost my mind or hopefully I am not working this out correctly. I can buy the S7 edge from Currys for around £449 and my sim deal currently works out at £65 per month for 5 sims with 15gig data each. So by way of comparison buying the phone from currys and keeping my BT sim deal would cost around. £449 + £300, (24 months at £13.00 for Sim only). Total £749.00 over 2 years. Thats less than half price. 

I know my figures are not totally accurate but they are damn close. Im allowing £13 per month per user for the Sim. I should mention that I get £5 per month reduction on my SIM deal for having BT broadband at home. 


What am I missing here. The phone contract deals seem scandalously expensive.


Thanks in advance 


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Re: Buying a Mobile phone from BT

I think the main difference in price is the saving in having 5 sims on a family package - which is saving you about £27 a month which is over £600.  The phones are not part of a family package.   I always buy my phone outright and put it on an interest free credit card, then buy the best value sim.   Also the Currys deal was a special offer, the price is now back up to £600. Giffgaff always have good offers on phones

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Re: Buying a Mobile phone from BT



I suppose the point I was making was that their phone packages were crazy.. I do realise that the family SIM is saving me money. Amazon are still selling the S7 edge at £429.95 in case anyone fancies it.. Personally given that we all know we'll only keep a phone for 2 years max.. I'd recommend waiting for the Moto g5S Plus which will come in at around £250. Then bin it in 2 years if the dog hasnt eaten before then.LOl cheers

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Re: Buying a Mobile phone from BT

I'm with you, I'm thinking to buy 2 new iphone 6s, but I dont get why I should buy them from Bt instead of buying from Apple. Neither I can see any upgrade plan why I should pay a monthly fee for the same phone after 24 months

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Re: Buying a Mobile phone from BT


To be honest I think I will continue to purchase my phones directly. The best way seems to be to buy your phones on an interest free credit card and then pay it off over two years or sooner if you can. This way you pay no interest and have the flexibility of paying it off sooner or later as suits.. It also means you can buy the phone from wherever you get the best deal and buy the phone unlocked in case you decide to move to a diffeent SIM provider.. This suits me best and I really struggle to see any benifit in buying from BT or indeed O2 or Vodafone. I normally use Amazon, GiffGaff or Car Phone Ware to purchase SIM free phones. Looks like I am gonna stick with that.


Cheers Folks.

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Re: Buying a Mobile phone from BT

Agree , I have purchased direct from Apple in the past , Currys sometimes slightly discount I Phones also
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