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COMPLAINT - Debt Collection from Pastdue Credit Solutions

I've received a letter from Pastdue Credit Solutions stating that I've outstanding BT Bill of £156.41 for property which I vacated in Oct, 2010.
As far as I know, before vacating the property, I contacted  BT and paid all the outstanding amount.
But after 3 years, I'm being informed about this amount. No e-mail or call was made by BT to me for this amount immediately after I vacated the property.
During my tenancy period at that property, it was shared among three people. How I'm expected to get the amount from them if I'm receiving the letter after 3 years.
I've dropped mail to BT and tried to get answer from BT Chat/Call as well as from Debt Solution company, but I still haven't got any answer.
Can I get any help in this forum?
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Re: COMPLAINT - Debt Collection from Pastdue Credit Solutions

Were you the account holder hence you have received the demand? Are you still a bt customer?

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Re: COMPLAINT - Debt Collection from Pastdue Credit Solutions

To BT, it doesn't really matter how many people were in the house.  There will have been one person named on the bill, and that's the person the contract was with.


Legally, in England or Wales, they have 6 years to chase up a debt (it's 5 years in Scotland).

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