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After having problems for the past 24+ months I have come to the end of my tether.

When I originally signed up for BT I had paid for an engineer to come out to my property to fit a BT line (the existing line was split, from previous occupants of my property) The engineer did NOT replace the full line, only connected a new line from the hallway out to the front door (the problem with the split line was in the living room) After calling BT at this stage (I was not at the property when this was fitted) I was advised that I would have to pay a further £120 to replace the whole of the line. I informed the advisor that I had already paid for this and it had not been completed. I was fobbed off and was told that unless I paid I would not have a new line replaced.
I just had to "put up with" intermittent and extremely slow Broadband because of the problem with the line for the next 24 months.

OK, fast forward 2 years... I called the beginning of December 2017 to cancel my contract. (Was out of my 24-month contract at this time) Due to the level of customer service and the whole "rubbish" broadband connection I had received during my time at BT. As predicted l the gentleman I spoke with tried to retain my business.
I explained to the gentleman the problem I had with my land line and informed him that the engineer did not fit a new line correctly on the initial set up (as the connection started in my hallway, so this was just an extension not a new line) and how my broadband had been extremely slow throughout my time with BT and very often just disconnected and I had no Broadband for short and long periods at a time. After explaining the situation numerous times, the advisors started to become quite rude and extremely ignorant and abruptly asked "are you a BT engineer" completely gobsmacked I asked him to repeat himself as I was certain I had misheard what he had said... He repeated "Are you a BT engineer" I said to the advisor I think you are rude and terminated the call.

(I spoke with Sky to talk about signing back up to them)

Approx. 20 mins late I called BT again and advised I wish to terminate my contract with immediate effect as I was returning Sky. The lady I spoke with asked why. I told her that I did not want to go into it because I was very frustrated after speaking with a man approx. 20 mins ago who was extremely rude blah blah blah...
This lady was lovely, very empathetic and listened... She understood exactly what the issue was. She opened a complaint and after speaking with her manager informed me that they would fit a new landline FOC as a good will gesture if I decided to stay... Because of HER I did. She advised that an engineer would be in contact around 18th December to arrange to fit a new line.

Now fast forward another 4 months... After countless phone calls, and live chats "awaiting a manager call back each time" the problem has STILL not been resolved!!!!!! (Although, one lady i have spoken with today has informed me that my compaint from february is closed and i am happy with the outcome???? this telephone conversation did not take place!!)
I have spoken with 4 people today alone (the first call was around 50 mins), I have been cut off each time (I cannot lay the blame on BT as it could have something to do with my signal) However, the last 2 calls I gave the advisors my mobile number in case the call dropped and they never even had the decency to call me back!! I have not been rude on my phone calls, in fact considering I think I have been extremely calm. But I am now still none the wiser as to what is happening.



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@alexa84 Please use the 'click here to contact the mods' link in my forum profile to send in your details and we'll be happy to help. You can find the link by clicking on my username.



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