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COVID and Connection Speed


Got a new installation Yesterday, because of COVID restrictions Openreach say they can only fit the box literally right next to my back door and can't connect my existing landline socket at all. I understand that and accept it (although I would say I might have reconsidered the order of I'd known this detail in advance) 

So my router is in the kitchen but all the equipment I want to connect to is in the front room so I'm using mini connectors, which is where the rub is, I have a desktop PC in the front room that used to be wired to my old Virgin router, now it's connected to a mini connector and it set up as a LAN connection and is throttled at about 38Mbps, is there any way to set up the connection via the mini connector to get the full fat 900 I'm paying for? Because at the moment I'm paying for 900, but the most I can get from WiFi is about 350 and the best wired connection I can get with my equipment where it is, is about 38.

Long story short, is there a way in either Windows 10 settings or the mini connector / hub management to make the PC Connection a straight network connection rather than a LAN?


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