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CRID for the weekly rugby matches needs to bridge channels that are within the same group


Group of channels = BT sport SD or BT sports HD


Does the current CRID standard allow for an episodes of a series to be bridged across different BT sports channels or is that in plan for a future version?


Scenario - Over the weekend there are typically 3 live rugby games shown – Friday night, Sat pm, and Sun pm, which are randomly spread across the three BT sports channels. Programmes on each group of channel are discreetly linked as episodes of a series. Therefore you need to catch the first occurrence on each channel ( sports 1 /2/3 SD or HD) and set it as a series recording. Then within a season since the CRID lives for about 14 weeks, they are mostly likely to get swept up and automatically set to record.  Setting the CRID to bridge the channels would eliminate the chance of missing a programme. Also, so that no recordings are missed the CRID needs to cover the situation when a live coverage is only aired on the BT sports extra SD/HD channels.    


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