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CWMP: session closed due to error: Could not resolve host

I have been having issues for a couple of weeks now with the broadband disconnecting and reconnecting, I often work via home and use a VPN which is very sensitive to the constant dropping of the connection. Work have provided me with an LTE modem to use given the issues I am having.


I originally thought the issue was with the "remote administration" attempts - I was receiving several each second I detail this problem here - Remote-Administration-attempts-causing-router-crash


However, on further inspection of the logs there would appear to be a more pressing issue which is the constant reconnecting to the broadband detailed in the below log -


BT HH4 Log


I spoke with Technical Support who opened an fault No - VOL051-************ but this has been today closed with no resolution.


I have the router connected to the test port have tried all 3 of the filters that BT send originally and have performed the 17070 Opt2 (Line was silent). I have a SamKnows box which offers a load of additional stats if required.


I am not sure what to do next, do I get back on to Technical Support or Customer Services?


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