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Cabinet Capacity

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Good Morning,


compared to Cabinet capacity, what is involved in terms of adding fibre capacity to the exchange?


I am on an Exchange Only Line and my exchange is fibre enabled and FTTP enabled at both my house and Exchange but cannot order due to the exchange being at capacity for fibre


how often do Openreach update fibre capacity at the exchange compared to at the cabinets?


Im hoping its something that is done more often as its only been 2 weeks since my property became available for FTTP and apparently i have to wait for an update in October



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Re: Cabinet Capacity

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It all depends.

It’s quite rare for the exchange to be out of capacity, more common for a fibre manifold, or possibly a splitter node to be full.

If it is the exchange, then again it depends what’s needed. If it’s just a new card, it shouldn’t take long. If it’s a whole new rack that’s needed, then it coulf be a while.

Openreach will be working on it to get it added as soon as possible though.
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