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Cabinet Query



I have a question regarding PCP cabinets which I was hoping someone might be able to answer?


The town where I work (Westhill, Aberdeenshire AB32) is currently in the middle of a fibre rollout project. I believe one of the Kirkton of Skene cabinets was the first to go live as part of the Digital Scotland operation last month. Around the town there are lots of fibre cabinets popping up which is good to see but I notice one street which previously contained no cabinets now has a new PCP one but no fibre one next to it or nearby.

I was wondering what the reason would be for this? Could it be to get exchange only lines onto a cabinet?

Oh one more question, whats' the difference between the small & large fibre cabinets? I see lots of big ones appearing and  I thought was quite unusal that a suburb like Westhill gets the bigger ones whereas Aberdeen city centre seems to have mostly small ones. I would assume the bigger ones could serve more properties.


Thanks in advance.


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Re: Cabinet Query

Openreach have probably installed a larger PCP as there was insufficient space for the extra copper cables going to the fibre cab. I expect the fibre cab will be installed next.
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