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Cabinet port availability. Fibre user moving to a house served by the same cabinet.

We currently have high speed broadband of up to 40mb. Will call it fibre for ease (i know it's only fibre to the cabinet).

We are moving house, pretty much around the corner. 

Our current house and the new house are served by exactly the same cabinet according to the dsl checker.

However, we have been informed we can't get fibre at the new address


When checking my own CURRENT address I also get told I can't get fibre (which i know isn't true as I have it right now).

My understanding is that it's therefore a port availability issue. Neighbours in our new road have infinity/fibre. 


By moving out of our current house/cancelling our fibre would in theory free up a line/port from that cabinet however no one is confirming if freed up ports will be reallocated.


The only other option is 1mb....

Will they re-allocate freed up lines? or would they for any reason hang on to them and dish out in a batch? 

The BT site says infinity will be available between August and September.

A friend moving into a house served by the same cabinet in May waited 3 weeks to move onto fibre/infinity. 


If i know i'll get it at some point, that's manageable but it's the unknown at the moment. Even more frustrating when i currently have fibre and just want to take it with me!!!!



Thanks in advance. Not had much luck on the phone.




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Re: Cabinet port availability. Fibre user moving to a house served by the same cabinet.

freed up ports would be reallocated on a first come first served basis as they will have a queue waiting you would have to wait for a cabinet upgrade before placing your new order  you could try a home move rather than cancell service   then you would take your infinity with you 

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