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Calendar Reminder

When I receive an email reminder from my calendar the subject just says Reminder and no longer shows the subject matter for the reminder ie Carols Birthday. 

So in my email inbox I just have emails that say Reminder. 

Has it just changed for me or does anybody else find this change not helpful? 


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Re: Calendar Reminder

Utterly infuriating, also considering how long it takes to load emails, lack of email tabs etc.

Tried numerous work arounds thinking there must be something I'm missing, nothing appears to correct this. It just states 'Reminder' 

It appears to be another example of the poorly thought out & bug riddled NEW EMAIL. 

This whole fiasco reminds me of the episode of the Simpsons where Homer designs a car .... when experienced it's leaves one confused as to how this got through quality control? Bizarre ideas, executed in a way that appears to lack understanding of the processes required. Often immature ..... on occasion so bad, they're funny.

I do wonder if the person behind this (common forum description is Monstrosity) had any experience at all (maybe the moderators can provide us with info on who's behind building it?)

I'd also be interested to know if there's are any benefits over previous the email that I'm missing, as numerous functions are failing, missing or hiding behind clumsy drop down menus? ..... and to think many many customers are being charged £7.50 a month for this 😞 

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