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Calendar Reminders not working. BT Yahoo Mail

Hi All

I am new to this forum so please bear with me.

Doe's anyone else have the same problem below.

I use BT/Yahoo Calendar to set reminders for coming events to be emailed to my email inbox, some rather important like hospital appointments etc. but since at least 16th March 2018 these reminders have not been sent. I have set up 2 or 3 test reminders every day to check if it has started to work again but to no avail.

 I have logged into my email via BT home page and via BT Yahoo and used Microsoft Edge & Google as the Browser all with the same result. I have contacted BT Customer Help Line who were very good but said that they had not had any reports of any problems and even though they asked around could not find a solution to help although they said they would pass it on to the tech team.

 I have looked on the help section on the BT Home page but everything relates to Email problems with no help relating to the Calendar.

I have checked online forums and found this one from yahoo forum,

One reply dated ‎03-27-2018 07:50 AM  states "I got this up to our engineering team for you".  but nothing since.

I found 1 post on this forum with the same problem but this was 24/3/16

When I click on an upcoming reminder in the Calendar to select it for editing my email address to send it to is there next to a box this box is not ticked, I can't remember from past reminders whether this box should have a tick in it or not. I tried to tick it but it wont let you.

I am using a desktop computer running Windows 10 with the latest updates. My wife has the same problem using her Calender on her seperate account using her laptop so I don't think its anything I have changed on the Email / Calendar setup.

Emails sent & received are working fine, it's just the reminders

If anyone has any technical solutions please be aware I am not a techy person so may need spoon feeding

I'm sorry this is a bit lengthy but I thought it best to give as much info as poss.

Can you please help with solving this problem as I don't know what I can do next.

Thanks in antisipation.

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Re: Calendar Reminders not working. BT Yahoo Mail

Exactly the same issue. For weeks now.  Had the same last year and for reasons unknown it suddenly started working again. Pretty useless having a reminder service that fails to remind.

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Re: Calendar Reminders not working. BT Yahoo Mail

and then today, 19/07/18, a pre-set reminder suddenly arrived. No idea why. Certainly no setting had been changed.

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