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Calendar transfer on HTC 710 to HTC touch2



Does anybody know how transfer the calender details from a HTC 710 to HTC Touch2?

I was told this will only work if it was saved as M/S Outlook, but in my case this is not and they are saved as


When you transfer the simcard the appointments on the old phone disappears so logic tells me that this should be on the simcard but when it is in the new phone these appointment are not transfered.


Does anyway one have an answer?

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Re: Calendar transfer on HTC 710 to HTC touch2

It might sound obvious, but if you sync with your PC/Laptop using Activesync/Windows Mobile (XP and Vista, respectively) can you not then sync with your new handset, which should effectively 'copy' calendar and anything else you select to the handset ? I've got a Touch2 as well, and came from an HTC S-620 with no difficulty. Both handsets operate on Windows platform, so no reason why it won't work, unless you have already 'wiped' data from the SIM card.
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Re: Calendar transfer on HTC 710 to HTC touch2

Robot tongueSave all details as contacts as  vcard files i.e. Outlook contacts in your 'phone and use sim card manager on the 'phone to copy & save. Sim only contacts only save phone numbers i.e a short/brief contact detail.

Try Microsoft's MyPhone software if using Windows Mobile OS. Its a good idea to set up Office/Outlook first with your bt email & other accounts to help synchronise. I found that it works on both PC's & Mobile Phones. MS Activesync also worked on XP PC, or use Mobile Device download/sync software from MS for Vista and W7. 

I used these on my HTC S710 then Touch 2 when changing, and used former to check enties /details before deleting former, though you can keep a backup of the  originalsync folder and rename it to  backup e.g. 'S710' or other then use your new sync  folder for your current, in use 'phone, get it here:  -Search MS Mobile downloads for others  i.e. Activesync/Mobile Device Centre.


Regards E.

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Re: Calendar transfer on HTC 710 to HTC touch2

I transferred without any problem using active sync. 1. Sync phone with calender on the pc and also sync the contacts. 2. Put sim in new phone and set up a new sync partnership and then resync phone to calender and contacts.


Make sure that your original phone was saving to the sim and not to the phone as MS contacts on the s620 are saved to the phone not the sim.

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