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Call Barring

Original contract made by phone included call barring - mobile & premium rate- applied by BT.  All ok until I increased to BB Opt 2- still paying for call barring but it was not active which I discovered when bills were significantly higher than expected!  Apparently I am supposed to activate it myself with code that I had not been given! Now discover that to bar mobiles I am also barring National and inter-national numbers.  In order to make a national call I have to key in a 10 digit sequence before I even start dialling the number I want.  Surely BT technology can isolate mobile numbers starting 07 without blocking standard national numbers? Anyone else think this is odd?

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Distinguished Sage
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Re: Call Barring

Most of the exchanges are very old, and the software cannot cope with the full demands of a call barring system.


Individual options are available to old customers on the Broadband Talk service, which is to be discontinued.


I would imagine that once the exchanges are fully replaced, to route phone calls on the new 21cn network, then better call barring options will be available.


There is no timescale for this, as far as I am aware.


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