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Call Divert to BBTalk

Hi, I would like to Divert(when busy) calls received on my LandLine to my BBtalk number. I have Option 3, as well as BT Mobile etc but I have a feeling this will cost me as part of the LandLine features pack. If this is a cost feature then I assume I will also have to pay for the call costs to BBtalk. Has anyone tried this or is there another method. I suppose I could give friends and family my BBtalk number and do it the other way round for free. Any comments please.

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Re: Call Divert to BBTalk

It is possible, I have it set up this way:  Call Diversion (Calling Features costs me £2.59 per month) set up to forward calls when my landline phone is engaged to BBT number. 

I have the Unlimited Anytime Package on my landline and calls to my BBT number therefore don't cost me anything more.

It works well.  When other members are on the phone, I can still receive calls on the BBT phone.  We can sometimes manage to have 3 incoming phonecalls at the same time, one on the landline, one on the hub phone and one on a standard handset connected to the hub.

The only difficulty is when I am in the house on my own, and on the phone and another incoming call starts ringing the phone next to me. Smiley Happy

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Re: Call Divert to BBTalk

Hi Bryanr,

Thanks for the quick update. It's good to hear that it works, I think I will give it a try. At the moment I have Caller waiting which costs £2.59 as my first Feature pack. I suppose if I have call Divert then I don't need the caller waiting as they would ring through!


By the way I'm interested that you have the Unlimited anytime on your landline, does this mean that you press 5 when you make a call as you also have Talk enabled.  I use Talk for all outgoing calls and the landline for incoming calls, I suppose I'm lazy in not giving out my BBT number to the family and Friends.


Thanks for the input.Smiley Very Happy

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