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Call Package: Unlimited Anytime Calls with BT Sports

Signed up to this package, I wanted Unlimited Anytime Calls and this was 5.00 pounds a month 'with BT sports'. Without the words 'with Bt Sports' the Unlimited Anytime calls is 7.00 pounds per month. No idea why anyone would choose that package over the other one!


I cannot find any information on what the 'with BT Sports' means with this package. I read it as the package comes 'with BT Sports', after all that is what it says, but my bt account says otherwise. I don't have broadband or tv with BT just this package and phone rental, so I'd be somewhat surprised if this means what it says and comes with BT Sports. 


I contacted BT support and received semi-literate replies that are enigmatic and vague at best, they may well answer a question, sadly not the one I was asking. 


Does anyone know what this cryptic 'with Bt Sports' means on this package. 

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Distinguished Sage
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Re: Call Package: Unlimited Anytime Calls with BT Sports

I think it means that if you log onto your "MyBT" and go to "My Extras" you will see that you have BTSport as an extra. This allows you to watch BT Sport via your computer or an app on a tablet


You can log onto BTSport using your BTID.

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