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Call Protect Not Blocking 'Number Witheld' Advice Requested

I have Call Protect inclusive with my phone.broadband package.    I have been a B.T customer since May 2017.  I am using the call protect facility, Though it appears there is an issue with this, which i have not been able to resolve?.   Despite setting it up to block calls with a 'withheld' number,(along with 'Unknown' and 'International Calls'),  I am still, and indeed been having calls (from whoever they may be), claiming to offer deals on boilers, (which, incidentally i understand are widespread and unrequested here in the U.K).  This consists of a recorded message, with number withheld.  These calls come each day, anywhere from two to five times.   Why arent these being being blocked by the software i wonder?.    Incidentally, No calls have ever been sent to the 'Junk Voicemail' in the six months or so since my service began?  Whereas i assumed that is where they would be sent?.  I cannot see any link on there to 'activate' the 'Junk Mailbox' either? Thus, Is there meant to be a link or not?.    I also notice that on the link to look at 'Calls recently received',  there are only calls shown received back in May? Nothing from June onwards? Despite having many from legitamate callers.   Any advice gratefully received.     Sincere Thanks

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