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Call Sign and Call Divert together



I hope someone can help with this query because, as usual, trying to even speak to someone at BT is completely hopeless!!


Our landlie number is 01111 111111. We have Call Sign for business signs and the 2nd number attached to the main landline number is 01111 222222. We publish this 2nd number for business calls. Call Sign then allows us to identify incoming calls because those to 111111 ring with one tone whilst those to 222222 ring with a different tone. So far so good!!!!


What I want to know is this:

If we have Call Divert, will ALL calls to BOTH numbers be diverted when the service is activated or only those to the 111111 number?


Thanks in anticipation for your help


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Re: Call Sign and Call Divert together

Ummmmmmm - try it? From a mobile?


[Oooops edited out my reply]


You only have 1 line, the call sign number is just a 'synonym' for that line that will deliver a differnt ring tone cadence from the exchange. Only 1 line, only 1 divert. I am not sure if the diverted number will be given the different cadence for the call sign number. Again, try it and see!


Hope this helps, Andy.



Ahhh just read your post more carefully and it says - If we have Call Divert... That could mean that you don't already have CD and therefore cannot try it! Silly me. I have just tried it for you and can confirm that both numbers will divert. I cannot check the cadence as I CF'ed to my mobile which obviously has no concept of ring tone cadence. I don't have a genuine second land line to try this.


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