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Call barring issue

Hey there,


I have tried online to order Call Barring on my account so that I can stop premium rate phone numbers being dialled on my phone - long reason as to why it's happening but thought Call Barring would help the issue.


I ordered it 2 days ago and received a BT email stating the service is now ready to use.  So I dialled the *347# code into my phone only to receive a "I'm sorry this number has not been recognised" message.


Can someone please help as I am going round in circles on the help pages to no avail.

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Re: Call barring issue

How can I check if Call Barring is active?

To check, dial *#34#
By using the above code, you can check if Call Barring is already active on the line and which type of calls are barred.

I can't get my Call Barring activated

Check the code you are using to set up call barring. Here are all the codes you need to dial to manage your Call Barring service. 

Bar all incoming callsBar outgoing calls
Barring: * 261 #Barring: * 34 code #
Cancelling: # 261 #Cancelling: # 34 code * PIN #
Checking: * # 261 #Checking: * # 34 #

A different code is used to bar different types and combinations of outgoing calls. 


  1. All Outgoing calls are barred except 999
  2. Outgoing national and international calls are barred
  3. Outgoing international calls are barred
  4. Calls to Operator services are barred
  5. Bars calls to manage your Calling Features
  6. Bars calls to premium rate numbers

So for instance, to bar international calls from your line you would use * 34 3 # 

You will hear a confirmation announcement telling you that call barring is in operation. 

Check the telephone you are using is set to Tone Dialling. 
You need a fixed line phone with * and # buttons to use Call Barring and other Calling Features. The facility will not work if the telephone is set on Pulse Dialling. If you hear clicks instead of tones when using the phone check the dial setting which is usually on the base or side of the phone and change it to MF or TouchTone working. 


I can't remove my Call Barring

Check you are using the correct sequence to cancel the barring
When you dial #34 (option code)*PIN# you should hear the message confirming that Call Barring has been cancelled. So for instance to cancel international call barring you should use 
# 34 3 PIN # 

Bar all incoming callsBar outgoing calls
Barring: * 261 #Barring: * 34 code #
Cancelling: # 261 #Cancelling: # 34 code * pin #
Checking: * # 261 #Checking: * # 34 #

Cancelling outgoing call barring Code 1 will cancel all call barring options that are in operation at the time.

Code 5 will also restrict your ability to access your Call Barring and other Network services such as 1471-3 call return. If you find that this is the problem remove Code 5 by using #345*PIN#

Ensure you are using the correct 4 digit PIN

If you forget your call barring PIN you will need to contact BT for a reset. In some of our exchanges the Call Barring service locks after 3 failed attempts. If you suspect that this is the case then you will need to contact us on 0800 800 151.


I can still dial out even though I have received a message that the barring is active.

Are you billed for your telephone calls by another company?

  • If so, the facility will not work and you will need to contact your provider directly to request the facility.
  • Or contact our Customer Options Team to find out more on BT's Options - 0800 800 150.

Hope that helps,


jac_95 | Help Site | BT Service Status
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Re: Call barring issue

Premium rate call barring is a free service offered by BT.


If that is all you want to bar, then once it is set up, there are no codes to enable or disable it.


If you want to bar other calls, then you need the call barring service which you pay for, then you use the codes.


It really depends on what you ordered.





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Re: Call barring issue



I ordered the Call Barring through the following web page:


and received a confirmation email saying I could now use the service.


I tried the *347# option so that no premium rate phone calls could be made from my telephone but it says "number not recognised" and when I try the *#34# option to check it says it's not active.  So why was I sent a BT official email saying it was?


Getting very frustrated at not being able to set up or use something that is necessary for me.

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Re: Call barring issue

If you would like to try Live Chat they should be able to help you.

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Re: Call barring issue

Hi. Did oyu ever get an answner and soluton to this? I'm struggling with exactly the same problem now, on behalf of my 87 year old mother. BT has told me four times this week it's working, but it will not accept any codes.

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Re: Call barring issue

this is a 3 year old post and the OP has not returned since their last post here
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