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Re: Call of duty MW3 - NAT Strict on home hub 2.0

Seems like it's a problem with home hub 2.0 - I'll be getting Home hub 3.0 next week as I've ordered an upgrade to BT infinity.

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Re: Call of duty MW3 - NAT Strict on home hub 2.0

@ resisnake


DMZ and PS3 may work on the new Hub v3 but in the past, I have spent hours trying to get it working on v2 to pretty much no avail.


I received a new TP-Link router this morning and DMZ is working fine with the PS3 🙂



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Re: Call of duty MW3 - NAT Strict on home hub 2.0

the only possible solution is setting your xbox/pc/sp3 to autonegotiative and IP assigning , than put your Home HuB 2.0 in DMZ mode  and selecting device to witch you want to assign public IP , keep that in mind that will limit your conection speed , depend on what speed you are bessicly , im 8Mbits thats all what i can get in my area , but that gives me like 3Mbit conection on Public IP with Open NAT all the time , one thing is bad about DMZ that u open all your ports range to tellnet atacks , so if your useing PC like I do , u need to use software firewal , i suggest AVG 2012 Internet security, very good firewall with many option to configur including software port forwarding. I have friend with home hub 3.0 and port forwarding with switch off UPNP works perfect there , for all games , unlucky for Us , that Home hub 2.0 its a week thomson construction , witch isnt work proper with port forwarding or UPNP , curently im waiting for  Enginer from BT with new hub 3.0 , i got apointment tummorow , soo i let you know from my personal experience how it works, if that thosnt work i have confirmed by fue guys , from Highlanders  team that Belkin and Linksys routers dosnt have that problem ,and switching only UPNP let them play with Nat open in any kind of game , so if Hub 3.0 will not work for that issu at mine , im gona be forced to buy linksys, witch is not bad idea at all loking on the price of Linksys routers and they abbility including  soft-modding to Tommato soft or DDWRT .


PS: i let you all know tummorow , one thing worth mentioning , excuse my bad english guys im Polish , soo like for most foren ppl i found dificulty typeing in english 😜

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Re: Call of duty MW3 - NAT Strict on home hub 2.0

I have added all of the ports listed on and hey presto, it didn't work! I've assigned them all to the PS3 but nothing seems to work. I didn't have this problem on my old router though (shame that it's breaking down though), but this HomeHub 2 seems problematic. This should be so simple just to play a game online through a games console, yet it appears very difficult. It's a bit shoddy from BT.
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Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 ON PS3 - showing as Strict nat

Hi, Ive just bought the new COD and im trying o get my NAT from strict to open but after reading lots of guides im getting nowhere.


The 1st solution most peole say is to put your PS3 into a DMZ but on my homehub3 interface when I place the console into the DMZ I am instantly signed off from the PSN and cannot sign back in until I remove the ps3 from the DMZ. Also It doesnt allow you to input a static IP into a DMZ on the homehub settings, only the devices detected by the network.


I have ensured my UpNP is always on.  Ive even tried it when its off but got the same result.


I have tried after disabling the firewall and still says strict.


I then tried to open the individual port ranges that instructs to do - again no effect was had on the NAT status on my MW3.


Im not at a dead end and need some serious help and suggestions.



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Re: Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 ON PS3 - showing as Strict nat

You aint the only matey, been sat here for 2 hours trying to get the HH2 to open up.. but nothing..


Plugged a HH3 in & got Moderate...


Who knows why... ruddy PS3... I miss my Xbox at times like this!

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Re: Call of duty MW3 - NAT Strict on home hub 2.0

Hope this will work, if not at least it will give other players an insight of what doesn't work and save them time, frustration and hassle...PS3 / MW3 / bt home hub 2.0 / Nat type 2 / Strict Nat


If you can't be arsed reading my little essay, scroll to the bottom where the quick fix is in the last paragraph, it should work, it might not last and have to be re-done every so often but it's the only **bleep** way I can play perfect MW3.

I've just spent the last month off work with my newborn and have had plenty of time to play MW3 online when he's sleeping.


For the first few days my Nat was open resulting in lag free perfect game play and big kill streaks. shortly after it turned strict resulting in poor match making, 75 ping, horrific lag, freezing and serious frustration as other players seem to acquire a 6th sense.


In reality my game play was always half a second out with low level players (who can sometimes be hardened cod players and **bleep** good) out gunning me over and over but the after game stats would re-veil them as noobs and the kill cams would show the player / bullet proof monk simply turn and ins-ta kill me. You know as an experienced fps player when you've got the upper hand over an opponent and your aim is bang on.


I'm surprised I haven't thrown the PS3 out the window before now with the frustration.

This could just be down to the servers, although the lack of mic sound and the inability to join friends games and lobbies certainly changes with the Nat going from strict to open.


Anyhow the following has not worked...


Latest firmware Bt Hub
Factory reset Bt Hub
Port forwarding using MW3 ports from port forward / two attempts by bt tech guys as well
Static IP for ps3 placed in DMZ
UPnp on (ps3 and router) although if either is off you will end up with Nat type 3 turn both on for Nat type 2


I've read through pages of forum advice, watched countless you tube video's and nothing has worked until i tried the well known quick fix. I tried this straight away with no dice but the second time has resulted in my nat type changing back to open after a week of frustration.


I used a similar fix for black ops which was simply inserting MW2 (as mentioned elsewhere here) going into a lobby online which would open up the ports then ejecting and replacing with BOp's, however I know longer have a copy.


Working on the same principle I tried cod4, and actually went into a game. After playing a quick round quit, eject, and replace with MW3 fire it up and fingers crossed your Nat should be open.


Instant results, no lag, no ins-ta deaths, decent kill streaks and the ability to get quick games and join friends parties / lobbies.


If you don't have a copy, buy rent or lend one and see if it works for you. **bleep** you could even play it too as perfect MW3 is not that much better than the almighty Cod4...

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Re: Call of duty MW3 - NAT Strict on home hub 2.0



Me and my fiancee tried all the million solutions posted around, port forwarding, dhzp (failed completely as everyone else had said) etc. He was getting very stressed out.


Anyway i checked a post earlier in this thread and noticed someone said something about DHCP settings for a home hub and how the last three digits of the static IP has to be 67-237 .


I tried and VOILA. Completely out of the blue after we had dismantled all other solutiuons and set it back to normal, we put in the manual static IP address with 100 at the end and it worked. We had been using etc, not too high numbers. And my fiancee tried while Iwas trying this one and his didn't work


So try out

as a static IP address and let me know whether or not it works. I hope it does, I know I have a very happy chappy now 🙂


(sorry if I sound obnoxious, just excited to share my success and hope that it helps someone else because I know how frustrating it is when people find solutions to problems then don't share them)

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Re: Call of duty MW3 - NAT Strict on home hub 2.0

Thanks for the possible solution stuffeddonkey, has anyone else here tried the above?


I haven't tried it as I now have home hub 3.0 running and no problems with the NAT so this confirms for me at least it's a problem with home hub 2.0, maybe a firmware upgrade is needed unless BT wants to supply all of Call of Duty MW3 players with free upgrades to home hub 3.0? Smiley Wink

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Re: Call of duty MW3 - NAT Strict on home hub 2.0

Hi All


Im on Bt Home hub and yes MW3 is strict and at first I did mess about with the setting and got no joy. So this is the conclusion. Its not the bt home hubs fault and NO IT ISNT THE SETTINGS ON THE PS3, DMZ AND OTHER STUFF. It is basically the port settings for the game. For me to get it to go to open this is what I did.

1. I reset the router.

2. Got the MW3 disk and went to the multiplayer lobby and yes it showed me as strict even tho I have a type 2 connection.

3. Got a game that I knew had a open connection when I played online which happens to be MW2.

4. I pressed the PS button on the joypad to quit the MW3 game whilst I was in the multiplayer lobby that showed I was strict.

5. I then put in MW2 and went to the multiplayer lobby and it showed me as NAT TYPE OPEN as usual.

6. Whilst in the Multiplayer lobby with the Open NAT type I just pressed the eject button on the console.

7. The PS3 went to the home screen and then I inserted the MW3 disk.

8. I went to the Multiplayer and YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS its on Open.

9. I then played the game and the first thing I did by accident was blow up my own team on Hardcore deathmatch with a semtex in the first 2 seconds of the game and got reported. Hmmm must try harder

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