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Caller Display no working on Digital Voice devices ??? SOLVED

Re: Caller Display not working on Advanced Digital Handset

Caller Display not working on any handsets or phones since Digital Voice Migratation on 8 Nov 2021

My scheduled date for the Digital Voice migration was 8 Dec 2021

As I was using a stand-alone Panasonic Answerphone, I was sent a digital adaptor to use it.  I had to remove  the Voicemail service from BT.

After pairing up all my devices to my BT Hub 2 , I noticed that no Caller-Display was showing whenever I got incoming calls. Reported to BT who insisted I had Caller-Display activated on their system.

When either BT-Privacy or Voicemail are de-activated by operators , it automatically also de-activates Caller-Display - This is unknown my most BT Operators you call.

On waiting 21 days , 14 Orders and 2 Fault Orders , BT could not resolve the matter due to their un-trained and inexperienced staff.

Today I Called BT-Billing and spoke to an advisor called Martin who said he dealt with tech issues as well.  He said he had dealt with the same issue with sucess for 5 customers. He checked my account and said that Caller-Display was NOT activated - even though operators insisted it was activated on 10 different orders placed.

So he de-activated my BT-Privacy and Voicemail then re-activated BT-Privacy (which includes Caller-Display) but after completing order it did not automatically activate Caller-Display . He had to manually tick both boxes on the system and complete the order - and hey presto it worked !!!

So, when BT privacy is activated by the operator, Caller-Display should be manually ticked on provided box for it to activate and work on connected Digital Voice devices.

I was lucky to speak to Martin in Billing who had on-hand experience with the problem and solved it within half an hour of our talk - unlike all the 10 or more inexperienced operators that BT have employed.  I insisted that he sent a memo to the relevant BT Officers and operators to avail his knowledge.

21 Days of waiting, 14 orders and 2 Fault Orders to BT with no success till today when one experienced operator solved the issue.



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