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Caller Display not working

I have a BT cordless Premium Phone, bought September 2019. I am connected by a copper connection and socket.

During last summer the caller display stopped working. Since Sept I have had an ongoing saga with BT.  Open reach has inspected Everything in and out of my home, the exchange, cables, sockets...everything.. Numerous tests have been carried out. BT even sent a new phone which didn't display the caller either. Eventually they told me in October that there was a national problem with caller ID, that the fault was not with me or my phone or my equipment and that it would be sorted by Nov. 28th. Well, I still do not have caller ID. I've carried out the tests that I read in your posts and the message said I have this facility up and can anyone help me before I go mad...please? 

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Re: Caller Display not working

Try dialling *#234# from your phone and listen to the announcement. It should say if caller display is activated on your phone line. 

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Re: Caller Display not working

Thanks Devon Dave, I have done this and it tells me I have caller display but I don't, so what next?

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Re: Caller Display not working

Let me start by saying I am not an expert and I do  not work for BT.    That being said:

At face value,  on the strength of the information provided:

My first thought is that when BT sent a new phone,  they presumably sent one that was identical to the one you already possess.    Although unlikely,  if there was some kind of manufacturing defect that runs through that particular model of phone  -  or even throughout one particular batch of that model of phone  -  it is conceivable,  just,  that both phones could be suffering from the same defect.    By way of experimentation,  and inasmuch as you seem to have exhausted most of the possibilities,  I would suggest trying a different phone altogether  -  not necessarily a new one,  but just any phone with Caller Display that's been proven to work elsewhere  ( maybe borrow a neighbour's or friend's phone just for the sake of the experiment? ).    Alternatively  -  or additionally  -  if you have,  or happen to know anyone who has,  an old stand-alone BT Caller Display unit  ( such as the CD1000,  for example,  but anything similar would do ),  try plugging that into the same socket,  both with and without a phone also connected,  to see if it makes any difference.    Although admittedly cumbersome,  these experiments could possibly help to narrow the possible cause of the problem.

Did you make any other changes at around the time the problem manifested itself?   -   In particular  ( although I'm guessing not,  since the phone is cordless,  but still )  did you add any new phones to the circuit elsewhere in the property?    If you pick up the phone and dial 17070,  what message do you get?

If all of the above yields no new results,  and it is categorically determined that the problem lies outside your property   ( notwithstanding BT's assertion that this is the case,  which for the reasons above may not necessarily be conclusive ),  then regrettably you have no other option than to pursue BT themselves to resolve the matter.    I do not say this lightly  -  one thing of which I do have considerable experience is  'sagas with BT'  -  but if the fault is not anywhere in your home,  it must be in their equipment,  somewhere.    If  -  and I do say  'if'  -  there is or ever was a  'national problem with Caller ID',  it seems surprising that it hasn't come up before this;   and if in fact it is a national problem,  you'd think BT would indeed have addressed it long ago.    Frankly,  if you first became aware of the problem last summer and it was October before they told you there was a  'national problem',  I'd be sceptical;   BT are not in the habit of spending their money unnecessarily,  and how many cases like yours would there have to have been,  involving extensive and expensive involvement of Openreach,  before they declared it a  'national problem'...?

At any rate,  just my humble opinion ... but if none of the above yields anything new,  it seems to me you have three options:

1 )  Pursue it with BT until they solve the problem,  one way or another;

2 )  Try switching providers,  although that in itself can admittedly be a minefield and there's no absolute guarantee that it will solve your problem.    You could make your situation known to any potential new provider,  but  ( see my comments elsewhere on the subject of guarantees )  it's highly unlikely that they would give you any iron-clad guarantee that the problem would not exist with them  -  and I personally wouldn't trust it if they did.

3 )  Learn to live with it.    Again,  I do not say this lightly  -  we've had to learn to live with a sub-standard phone service,  faced with a similar lack of options and after a similar saga  ( only partly involving BT in this case ),  whereby the incoming volume on our phones is literally the lowest I've ever experienced in my life.    However,  beyond a certain point,  the official line will inevitably become  'we've done all we can;   if you think you'll get a better service elsewhere,  by all means give that a shot'  -  in which case,  see option 2.

Sorry this isn't more cheering,  and others may well have more optimistic views on the matter;   but if you do decide to carry out any of the experiments above,  and / or you have any further information,  by all means post it and we'll see if it gets any closer to solving the problem.

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Re: Caller Display not working

Can you try your telephone into the test point of your main telephone socket? Ensure there is no other equipment plugged in.  It is possible that something connected to your line maybe masking the caller display signal sent by the telephone exchange. 

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Re: Caller Display not working

I am currently experiencing exactly the same problem and BT/Openreach seem clueless in resolving.

there’s a frustrating cycle emerging  where:

1. I phone to log the call

2. The help desk person says “I have just run a test and I can see there’s a fault outside of your property, the engineer will attend the exchange and it will be fixed by....(add 5 days here)

3. After the time has elapsed, with Caller Display still not working  I phone again to be told “the issue is showing as fixed” “Hang on a minute, I’m just going to run a test”

4. Return to step 2 

I am now four times around this vicious circle. My most recent ‘promised’ fix date is this Friday 9th....but I’m not holding my breath.

any suggestions on how I might break this cycle would be appreciated.

I raised a complaint last month, but have heard nothing from that

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Re: Caller Display not working

As per my original replies. What do you get announced if you dial *#234#? Or if you try a working corded phone with caller display in your main socket? 

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Re: Caller Display not working

The help desk have tried that each time I call them.

it returns the message “caller details will be displayed”


i don’t have another phone to try. I bought the BT Premium phones from BT Shop. They said if I returned them they would send me a replacement on receipt which I was unable to do as it would leave me without a phone at home.

They said I would have to buy another phone from them and then get a refund (which I refused to do).

They subsequently agreed to send a ‘cheap’ phone for me to try. Sadly, this phone does not have caller display capability.


frankly the various ‘parts’ of BT (Openreach, BT and BT Shop) are displaying an astonishing incapability or reluctance to collaborate to solve my problem

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