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Caller Display still not working

Hello again forum users

I put my first post up on the board on 11.05.15 saying that caller display had stopped working but no one seems to be able to help yet.

We have a BT 8500 on which Caller Display does not seem to recognise any incoming calls.

It was ok for the first 3 months after we got it but now all we see on the display is "incoming call". When we dial *#234# the message says that caller's identity will be displayed so it appears to be switched on.

We have had to switch off Call Guardian as it was blocking everyone including our contacts.

I note an earlier post that says there can be a problem with broadband and Caller Display on the same wires from the exchange and that something can be changed at the exchange to solve this. Does anyone know anymore about this or is it a problem unique to the BT8500?

I have now reported the problem 4 times and BT keep saying "Fault fixed" but it is not fixed.

There are clearly lots of people with similar problems so what next?


Malcolm Smith




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Re: Caller Display still not working

Have a look here:

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Re: Caller Display still not working

this has been an ongoing problem for a long time now on many exchanges it is nothing to do with the BT8500
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Re: Caller Display still not working

I went for quite a while believing it was the BT exchange/broadband equipment issue. Mine would work, then not work. Doing the 234 to turn off and on again usually worked for a short time.   Eventually (and I should have done it sooner) I plugged just the phone into the test socket and all was fine.  When I traced back it was a dual adapter that was inhibiting caller display that was causing the problem.


So do test just the phone into the test socket just in case.


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Re: Caller Display still not working

We too have had this issue for a couple of months after many years when it worked without problem. 

However the other day I noticed that in fact the caller is displayed - but only briefly - when you answer the call - which it is easy to miss as the phone is usually then on the way to your ear!  I used to work in telecoms software development so this tells me that the caller id is being sent to the phone in the wrong 'message' - it is being sent in the 'connect' message instead of the initial 'set up ' message which causes the phone to ring.


As the BT telephone support seems to be based in India with a standard list of questions and answers but little true technical knowledge, am hoping that my suggestion might be picked up here by one of the BT Moderators?

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