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Caller Display

Hi, Just signed up with BT 2 days ago, just got a new house phone BT Inspire 1500. Ive stored some numbers in my address book but when these numbers call me it just says External Call. even tho these numbers are in my address book.


Ive checked My Account online and it says i can  "Get BT privacy, BT answer 1571, and BT 1471 calling features at no extra cost" which includes caller display ( a compatible phone required) Which it is. Ive been through the settings on the phone and there is no setting to turn on caller display.


How do i turn on caller display?



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Re: Caller Display


Caller display needs to be activated on your BT account before numbers will be displayed, I suggest you call 0800 800 150 and ask to have BT Privacy activated, this comes with "free" caller display (make sure you ask for the caller display).

Caller display is "free" providing you make a couple of calls with BT each month

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