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Caller Id Sometimes Not Working

In the last 10 days Caller Id has stopped working and I have re-ordered the Privacy at Home which I now have working.  In essence the lady got me to phone #234# which switched off caller ID and *234# which switches it on Caller ID.  I have been progressing this calling my home phone from my mobile and checking out the incoming call barring on both my BT6500 system and using the 14258 number as part of the Choose to Refuse within the Privacy at home.  At times the Caller Id fails and I get back to my phone just showing incoming calls but no caller id.  This is a pain to say the least.  I have gone back to the #234# and *234# to swich it back on again.  I do not know how it failed in the first place ( about 10 days into December ) and certainly do not know how it can fail now.  Any help and ideas would be welcome.  We are BT Broadband Customers with BT Vision and BT Sport.




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Re: Caller Id Sometimes Not Working

You may be affected by the "National Issue" relating to Caller Display. Mine stopped working in June and despite numerous complaints, engineers visit and emails to the Chief Executive of BT the fault is still not fixed. They have acknowledged its a national issue but don't seem to be able to fix it. I'm not the only one, there are other posts in this forum on the National Caller Display Fault.

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Re: Caller Id Sometimes Not Working

Thanks for the pointer to the murky world of caller id.  I was minding my own business with the caller id that I have had for some years with a nice list of names against the contact list.  I got a call in the first few days of December and the name came up fine and the caller list recorded it fine.  Then the random fault cropped up and we stated to get to get just incoming calls with an occasional case where the caller id got through.  So I have gone onto BT Privacy at Home ( the latest version ) and had to use the chat line to check that caller id was working.  The lady took me through #234# and *234# and she phoned me and I got her 0800 number on the caller id.  Pity it has gone again.  So I treated myself to another BT 6250 with 3 additional phones and put them in the hall on the master socket ( a rather olf master socket which I will update to an Openreach one in the new year ) and rewire the extension up to my office for the Broadband Router and wireless equipment.  My BT Vision box is replaced with a Humax Youview Box and I have a Sky + HD box with BT Sport Free on the Sky platform.  It is a pity that the basic caller id has gone duff as it was nice to filter out phone calls from real people from the folk trying to tell us all about boiler repairs, solar panels, double glazing and cavity wall insulation.  We don't get many calls from "real people" being 70 and both of us being lomg retired!  The BT Phone systems ( 6500 and 8500 ) do not protect us from unwanted calls with no caller id!!!! 

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Re: Caller Id Sometimes Not Working

I have gone back to basics and disconnected the extensions off the back of my master socket, which dates from when the house was built in the mid 1970s.  Then I got a new master socket together with a broadband splitter face so there are two ports ( one for the telephone and one for broadband ).  So I have a BT6500 phone system with 4 handsets spread about the house.  I am still on a BTHub 3 which is now on the shelf in the hall together with the first phone and its base unit.  This was a bit of a pain as there were no power sockets on the wall where the builders put the original BT Master Socket but I now have the power from the garage on the other side of the wall.  So my wife and myself have our pcs connected to the wireless network with no ethernet cables involved.  I have a powerline adaptor from the hall to the TV box upstairs.


So I have gone on to the phone end with all of the friends and family in the contact lists and I have the Privacy at home option with:

BT Privacy at Home - with Caller Display

Choose to refuse

BT Answer 1571


Broadband and calls with:

The evenings and weekend free calls plan

BT Total Broadband Option 3 with unlimited broadband  and BT Sport

BT TV Essentials ( I used to use a BT Vision box which I have now replaced with a Humax Youview HD Box )

BT Sport HD

I use a Sky HD box with the BT Sport on the Sky platform


This week we have only had nuisance calls which have all appeared on all 4 phones with the approptaiate caller ID so I can block actual phone numbers on the choose to refuse service and the BT6500 allows the blocking of International, Withheld Number, No Caller ID blocked.  We have had a small number of number witheld and number not available all blocked and I have phoned from my mobile to home which picked up my mobile number from my contact list and connected fine.  So I have no reason to think that I am missing anyone.  My January BT Phone Bill is a real mess with the charges during the December period to the start of the January 3 month bill but it will settle down now.  I noticed that the Privacy at Home with Caller Display starts with 15 Dec to 23 Dec free then 24 Dec to 01 Jan £0.51 ( based on the a proprtion of the £1.75 pm version ) and Jan 02 to 01 Apr 3 x £1.75 = £5.25.


I await to see if this lot keeps going and I have my fingers crossed.

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