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Calling Plan discrepancy online

Under "Your Latest Bill" Bt tell me I am on Anytime:



At "My Services/Phone" BT say I am on Weekends:



Can someone explain this discrepancy please? Does it mean BT are going to take me off the Unlimited Plan unless I renew?

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Re: Calling Plan discrepancy online

Hi There I have the same problem, my package was evening and weekend calls and 10gb broadband, anytime calls as an add on, this is since November when I renewed my contract.


On my BT it shows like yours but eve/weekends calls  and the bill the same as yours. 



I can assure you that none of my calls have been charged for, I think this has happened to quite a few posters.



When and if you  renew on the same package just ask for anytime calls as an add-on that's what I did and no, I don't think they are going to take you off the anytime plan.




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Re: Calling Plan discrepancy online

HI Mine is the same the basic package shows evening and weekend your bill will show anytime and any additional chargeable calling features if you have as patty-L has said they are not going to take you off it unless you change any part of your package
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Re: Calling Plan discrepancy online

Same here. The website was redesigned a while ago and it reflects the current obsession with selling services as bundles. It was clearly beyond the wit or wish of the designers to show add-ons. So you have to wait up to 3 months for a bill to confirm what you are getting. Great.

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