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Can Anybody explain this?

I am not a BT customer.  I have a phone package including international calls at a good rate and 10GB broadband per month with another company.

I own a Binatone Concept Combo 2310 telephone with one main handset/answerphone and three other 'phones, each of which sits in a transformer/charger plugged into the normal three-pin electrical powerpoint circuit.  The main handset is both plugged into the electrical circuit and to the incoming [BT provided] telephone line.

My service provider is reasonably good and I can usually get broadband 24/7. 


So far, so good.


When I was abroad recently, a friend  - who IS a BT customer - tried to telephone my house, from his land-line to mine.

My housesitter was not aware that the ansaphone was disabled [i.e. no message was being given], and after a certain number of rings, the line appeared dead to an incoming caller.  I sorted this out when we came home, checked that the usual "I am sorry your call cannot be taken at this time etc." message was playing, and thought no more of it.


Tonight, the same friend and I were talking happily when the line went dead.  I had telephoned him, so he presumed the fault was with my line.

Since having a telephone is vital to him, and he does not use a mobile, he was understandably upset. 

I received an incredibly rude telephone call from him, and while he was shouting at my husband from a neighbouring house

[since his own BT line was not working] - I rang his house from a mobile.  The line appeared 'engaged'.

My friend demanded that I  contact BT on his behalf and I was happy to do so.  He said his broadband had been disabled by my defective telephone, that his incoming and outgoing telephone service had been disabled by my defective system, that it was the fault of my broadband provider.....

After ringing the 0800 number given in the front of the Telephone Directory - and pressing 1, 2, 1, and so on, my call was placed on hold for about 20 minutes.

During this time, my husband walked the half-mile to our friend's house to see what was happening at the other end and to try to calm our friend down.

This proved futile. 

We stand accused of "ruining his telephone line and broadband with our substandard equipment/lousy service provider" and he assures us this has happened several times in the past - always when he contacts  us, or vice versa.


BT assure me that there is NO fault on our line, and no reason to assume that our equipment is in any way connected to any fault on our friend's phone.

BT further assured me that the line to my friend's house is now working again.  My friend says it is not working and this is my fault.

What can I do?  I see from some other posts on here that it IS possible for a line to be dead and yet the BT test shows it to be working?

Who has experienced this? what did you do about it?

Help, please, someone?

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Re: Can Anybody explain this?

Hi and welcome.

What can happen (but this would only affect voice calls and NOT the broadand)

If you made a call to your "friend" and did not fully clear the call, either by not fully putting the phone down or by a faulty handset your end. This would then block him from making further calls and till the exchange equipment disconnected the call but this could not be for a few hours.

This would only cause a problem if you rang him and not vice versa.

Sounds to me like they are a bit paranoid over this.

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Re: Can Anybody explain this?

Thank you for that,  Dave. 

Problem is that this time it was me who rang my friend, b ut on previous occasions [he claims this has happened before] it was he who rang me!

I see from other posts that this is not so unusual, but I am still at a loss as to what to do. 


Our friendship would seem to be at an end, all as a result of something I did not "do" or "cause" - and as I said, I am not a BT customer.  I know all lines are now maintained by BT, but my own broadband/call supplier cannot throw any light on it either and BT assured me last night that there was no fault on my friend's 'phone when they checked it.  Impasse? 


As for your comment concerning not having 'hung up' correctly, the handsets lodge in little pockets with two pins protruding and will only go in properly.... or not at all. 

IF for any reason - e.g. external engineers working in the street - the line is affected, the phones all make a little BingBong noise at intervals to show they are not receiving any input.  This is actually quite annoying as it tends to happen in the middle of the night when the engineers claim they are least likely to disturb anyone! 

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Re: Can Anybody explain this?

the phone lines and bb have allways been in bt hands

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Re: Can Anybody explain this?

OK.  Should have said "are still  maintained by BT, as they always have been,......"  this changes nothing.  If you aspire to contribute.... please do so.


What is more interesting is that when I tried to ring in to my own 'phone from abroad last week, I had trouble connecting several times.  Now......... do we blame the international 'phone lines, BT or my service provider?  Smiley Indifferent  Or could it just have been that our house-and-pet sitter was using the 'phone at the time?


Incidentally, when warned to 'hang up' carefully, it was our housesitter who reminded me that our phone extensions all make a little 'bing-bong' noise to confirm they are correctly aligned and the line has been closed.  So it is highly UNlikely that a handset has ever been misaligned.   But I should be very happy if anyone can tell me why all the extension 'phones periodically give out little sounds when no-one has touched them?  This is particularly annoying in the middle of night when the bedside extension pings or 'bing-bong's quietly to itself.  The service provider says it's nothing to do with them testing the line, it is simply the phone system "testing itself routinely"  but I find this hard to believe as it appears to happen completely at random and I would've imagined such tests to be carried out at a set time?

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Re: Can Anybody explain this?

HI i would suggest you contact your phone provider and get them to get openreach involved with getting the problem resolved that is the proper procedure as BT retail cannot do any thing for you as you are not a customer of theirs
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