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Can I Sell My Smarthub 2 Back to BT?

I've just upgraded to Halo 2 and BT are sending me yet another wireless router. I already have a Smarthub 1 which I don't use as I have third-party router's running custom firmware known as OpenWrt.

What's the point in sending me a £200 wireless router if I'm not going to use it? I'd rather use that money elsewhere.

Could someone kindly tell me what I should do? BT are wasting their time sending it to me and I can't exactly sell it on eBay because I wouldn't get anything for it, yet on the BT shop it sells at £200. How an earth does that work?!

Any help much appreciated.

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Re: Can I Sell My Smarthub 2 Back to BT?

Any hubs you get from BT since end of last year are not yours but are on loan from BT and must be returned if you end the contract. Unlike before the hub was yours if you completed the fixed term contract that is no longer the case and if not returned your will be charged for it

are you getting wireless discs with halo 2 which need the SH2

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Re: Can I Sell My Smarthub 2 Back to BT?

I don't need or want any of the supplied BT Hubs. I have my own home network with wireless routers that supports VLAN's, multiple AP's etc.

I don't need the discs either as I have a hardwired back-bone between my AP's. Mesh is overrated unless the wireless AP's talking to one another have a separate 5GHz back-bone to talk to each other on.

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Re: Can I Sell My Smarthub 2 Back to BT?

As already mentioned, you can't sell it because it remains the property of BT and they may well require it back at some point.

There's also a number of posts on this forum from people saying that BT have requested them to return equipment that they no longer have or face being charged for it. With this in mind it's up to you what you decide to do but I think I'd be inclined to put it in a drawer or cupboard somewhere out of the way until such time as they ask for it back.