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Can I get BT Sport on an old Sky box - no viewing card



We have Freesat for our TV viewing, with a spare satellite cable upstairs. I know we can't get BT Sport over our Freesat Humax box downstairs, but we have an old Sky SD box and I wonder if we can use this upstairs to get BT Sport. (We have a slow BB connection so getting BT Sport over the computer might not work for us).


We don't have a viewing card for the Sky box, but these are available cheaply on auction sites. Would these work, or do we need a special viewing card in the Sky box to get BT Sport, and if so, where's the cheapest place to get this?


Do we need to pair the viewing card with the Sky box, and/or activate it for BT Sport, and if so, how? Would we need to connect the Sky box to a phone line for this, or would it be done via the satellite?


Thanks for your time.

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Re: Can I get BT Sport on an old Sky box - no viewing card

You can get a Freesat By Sky card from Sky for £25. You only need a phoneline connected if you want to use the interactive services. See
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