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Can I get Ultrafast or not?

OK so I'm currently on superfast with BT, and I'm. Desperate to get on ultrafast due to work/gaming. BT have recently posted up 'Get ultrafast now' adverts on all the cabinets, and the postcode checker says it is available in my area...

However, I had an openreach engineer round to attempt to install it a few months back, and he terminated the install saying that he couldn't do it as my property is too far from the exchange (400m +). Is this accurate? Or did I just get bad luck with an engineer who cba to do the install?

Virgin isn't available in my area so am I now stuck on slow broadband forever?

For info, my exchange is Sawtry. 

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Re: Can I get Ultrafast or not?

Distance from the exchange is totally irrelevant, it is distance to the cabinet that matters.

Enter your phone number in the checker and post the results after deleting your phone number from the screenshot.

Can you also post your current hub stats as that will give us an idea of the capabilities of your line.


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Re: Can I get Ultrafast or not?



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Re: Can I get Ultrafast or not?

Thanks for the reply licquorice, Ive posted the screenshot. 

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Re: Can I get Ultrafast or not?

Hub stats?

Although looking at the checker result it shows that your current observed maximum speed is a bit low and I suspect the engineer was right when he said your line wouldn't support Ultrafast.

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Re: Can I get Ultrafast or not?

My hub stats will be VERY low as I am using an upstairs slave socket rather than the master (Who on earth puts the master in the lounge for crying out loud!!) I had asked to have it moved upstairs as part of the ultrafast install but after he checked the distance he just naffed off.

Guess I will have to pray to the broadband gods that Virgin roll into town at some point. Last time I ever buy a property not in a Virgin area. 😞 thanks for your time.

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Re: Can I get Ultrafast or not?

Connect your hub to the test socket behind the removable faceplate of the master and post the hub stats from there, at least we can then see the possibilities. You can always site the hub at the master and extend the LAN upstairs which will improve things.

I doubt very much you will get Virgin in Sawtry ( I live very close)

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Re: Can I get Ultrafast or not?

Hi @licquorice ,

Are you sure 67/20 is an indication of being far from the cabinet ??

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Re: Can I get Ultrafast or not?

I didn't say that, I said I was surprised at the observed speed compared to the predicted speed which could indicate a problem with the line and hence lack of availability of Ultrafast when the engineer checked. However, it would be interesting to see the hub stats from the test socket rather than from an extension.

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Re: Can I get Ultrafast or not?

Sorry, my bad.  I am due to have my diabetic retinopathy and eye test in a couple of weeks