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Can I upgrade from FTTC to FTTPoD

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At my local residential address (which is also registered as a business) we host various servers providing SaaS, Game Servers and IaaS for a small set of customers. We currently have FTTC and at my local exchange we can order FTTP but I had a few questions.

Firstly, we are already a BT Business customer, as we primaritly needed a static IP, and already pay £90/month for 30Mb/2-5Mb. If I were to enquire about FTTP, would they need to run a fiber cable from the exchange to my house, or would they just adapt my street cabinet which has FTTC to give me FTTP.

I'm aware theres some grants to purchase FTTPoD, and providing they can run it just from the cabinet and run it alongside my copper wire, I assume the cost should be quite cheep according to:

We can afford about a £400 cost towards to cost of this upgrade, with the hopes that the grant could cover the rest.


Anybody have any experience with upgrading from FTTC to FTTP, and how I go about getting on demand through Bt or Openreach? And can anyone let me know the full process considering I already have FTTC and a overhead copper wire.


Here was my ADSL Checker:

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Re: Can I upgrade from FTTC to FTTPoD

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Welcome to the BT Residential Customers forum


As you are a business user, please could you post on the BT Business forum at



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