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Can I use Broadband extender with complete WiFi

Sorry if this has been asked before, but I couldn’t find anything that fits my use case.

concrete built house with thick walls currently using old devolo homeplugs which Keep failing and are due an upgrade. I also have a garage office about 25m away.

id like a mesh WiFi network in the house but think I need I need extenders in the garage office, and also possibly one in the loft (2nd floor) where wife’s office is. Both need to be wired really or I’d need WiFi dongles for the 2 PCs and I just think wired is best option.

i have a bt smart hub type a.

The items I’m looking at


questions are

1) will I need to upgrade smart hub and if so do I pay or do bt provide?

2) will these 2 items work together?


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