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Re: Can my bt line be changed to a closer BT cabinet to my home?

Hi, It can be done i did it, but it does cost and dont expect it to be easy  because you are dealing with different departments of bt Regards Anne and when i say not easy i mean nightmare but from 3mb to 37 mb both fiber result excellent

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Re: Can my bt line be changed to a closer BT cabinet to my home?

@anneididit I have been told that I can have my line connected to an alternative (fibre enabled) cabinet by someone at BT, but cannot find anyone there who has any idea how to do this and take an order to do so.

Can you supply any info such as what kind of order was placed to move your line to another cabinet, any names or contact numbers you still have?

I'd be really grateful - we live in a sea of fibre-connected cabinets, yet the one we are connected to has not been enabled and one about 40m away (same side of A road further along the same major BT duct) has been. As a result we are stuck on an inadequate ADSL 2+ service despite being prepared to pay more, as are many of our neighbours.

It is frustrating, as I'm aware of all the reasons individual cabinets might not be enabled, but really in this particular case there is no obvious reason and we are not even on the deployment plan, yet there is every reason to suspect re-routing our line a few meters along the road could be pretty easy...
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Re: Can my bt line be changed to a closer BT cabinet to my home?

It really depends, the DP (distribution point) that your house is connected to at the top of the pole or underground is connected to one cabinet only. The ducts from that pole go to that cabinet.

To move your line to a different cabinet they'd have to dig new ducts to the other cabinet and lay new cables inside them. This would affect everyone connected to that DP.

So it isn't as simple as it is made out to be by some support staff who obviously have very limited knowledge of how the network actually works.

The only situation where it is 'easy' and cheap is if there are two poles that your house could potentially be served from. If those poles are both connected to different cabinets then yes you could be switched to the other pole instead, and subsequently the other cabinet. Very rare though.
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