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Can't Measure Broadband Usage

I am on unlimited usage, but still like to use the Broadband monitor to measure my useage.

But today on checking, I got a page which says because I'm on unlimited I can't look at my usage.


How can I get at the figures?

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Distinguished Sage
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Re: Can't Measure Broadband Usage

It looks like BT have stopped that facility for unlimited users, probably to reduce the load on the servers, as its not relevant..

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Re: Can't Measure Broadband Usage

I'm sorry Keith but I disagree with you  re it's not relevant. see my post here.

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Re: Can't Measure Broadband Usage

I feel it is relevant, if I'm on a low usage & the unlimited cost increases greatly I may wish to change.

To do this I need to know my usage.

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Re: Can't Measure Broadband Usage

I have been monitoring monthly usage stats for broadband download and upload since January 2014. I acknowledge that I am currently on unlimited package but with fibre option available soon on my exchange cabinet and increased use of 2 tablets in my home, I wanted to access future needs and appropriate package.

BT site states 'do not want  to waste time' monitoring usage! I think this is condescending and they should reinstate link to enable me to monitor for when I change package/service.

I put in an email complaint yesterday and received a call back. The operative stated he would forward my feedback and confirmed that my usage varied fronm 1GB in January but was up to 11GB in August. 

I have today received a follow up survey and reiterated my dismay.

Please consider an email to complain... if enough feedback they might rethink?

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Re: Can't Measure Broadband Usage

I too have been stopped from measuring my unlimited broadband usage. Sent an e mail of complaint to BT. Reply said that if I wanted them to continue their investigations I would have to accept a letter from BT regarding my "account profile".  What is going on here because BT stopped me from measuring my usage so what investigation is required?  They know they have done this. What can we do do have this usage monitor reinstated?

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