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Can't Read Body of BT Yahoo Web Based Email in Firefox

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Every month I prepare a Newsletter which is sent out to registered individuals. But this month I have encountered a problem.


The Newsletter contains tables with borders.


The emails are prepared and sent out using Window Live Mail.


I'm on BT Yahoo Mail and when I view the received copy (which I sent out via Window Live Mail) using FireFox browser only the first line of the email is visible.


If I view in Internet Explorer I can see the complete Newsletter, with correct formatting of the tables. I can also read the Newsletter via Microsfte Edge.


I can also read the  correctly formatted Newsletter if I download to my PC and view in Windows Live Mail.


I can just about read the Newsletter in Thunderbid but all the formatting has disappeared.


I can read previous Newsletters using Firefox Browser, even though they contain tables and borders exactly in the same format as my most recent Newsletter.


Any thoughts as to a possible problem and solution.








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Re: Can't Read Body of BT Yahoo Web Based Email in Firefox

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For a newsletter, depending on what particular package & PC you have, it might be worth writing it in Word (not free - but may be included), Libre Office or Open Office.


For all of these, it's not too tricky to create nice newletters, including tables, columns and other formatting features.


In all the above packages, they can be saved as PDF files (after first saving as the normal document format). These PDF files could then be attached to the emails you send. Hopefully all users will be able to open a pdf document in their computer/device to read your letter, and would independent of mail client the recipient uses.


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Re: Can't Read Body of BT Yahoo Web Based Email in Firefox

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Thanks Andy for the suggestions.


I think I have found out the cause of the problem.


Each month when I produce the Newsletter I use the previous months Newsletter as a template I remove the tables and replace them by updated tables.


Over a period of time this creates an accumulation of fonts and formatting tags more than  Firefox (and I assume by default Thunderbird) can parse.


I could view this scenario by looking at the source code for a Newsletter I produced some months ago compared to my most recent Newsletter. For example my most recent Newsletter had multiple nested <DIV> tags.


My solution for next months Newsletter is to convert my template Newsletter to text and straightaway convert it back to html. This will remove all the superfluous tags in readiness for when I start inserting the new tables.



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