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Can't access email

Hello, I've been trying to access my email for over an hour on my macbook using Mail and I get the following message:

<IMAPConnection: 0x7f86d8ec2f10> (Disconnected) account: <MFIMAPAccount: 0x7f86d8e91fc0> ***Edited*** (7C9849C1-7DA1-4845-9635-E4BAC7673792) [Disconnected] lost connection to socket

I have also tried to log in to my email via My BT and get the following message:

You're not currently logged to email - to login, click here

When I click on "click here" it goes back to the same screen!

Very frustrating - please advise!

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Re: Can't access email

You should remove your email address from within your post.

DO NOT uninstall anything or change any passswords or settings.

It is most likely a BT fault and when it happens it usually resolves its self in a day or two.

Have you tried using a web browser and using the BT email log on.

BT Email

If you are a BTYahoo email user you could try using the Yahoo logon which might work.

Yahoo Email


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Re: Can't access email

Please edit out your email address, this is a public forum viewable worldwide.

Don't do anything such as trying to change password or delete and re-create the account, just wait and hopefully it will right itself.

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