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Can't access emails from 2 account with bt premium mail

I hope someone can help as I am at my wits end trying to resolve this issue. I haven't been able to access my two email addresses since 15-16 October.  First I knew of a problem was when my email app on my phone started popping up with errors stating it couldn't access my email account. This was only the bt mail accounts, and not the others linked to my phone. I then tried to go onto the bt email accounts by logging in with my laptop and I kept getting the error message "Selected BT Mail account is unavailable".  I tried logging in to my BT ID, and I can see the email addresses associated with the BT ID but I cannot go to either of the inboxes from there.  I can change the password on the secondary email, but still cannot access that address inbox.  There is no option to change the password on the primary email address.  I have tried the live help, which was no help at all.  After a long time trying to communicate the issue (they kept telling me to reset passwords and I had already told them of my problems when doing this!), they eventually stated there was a problem with my account (they stated it was inactive or closed) and that I would need to contact BT directly.  They gave me an 0800 number, even though I explained that I can't access them as I now live in New Zealand.  They had no other phone number to give, and suggested that I "get a family member in the UK to call BT and sort out the problem" on my behalf! The next night (NZ is 13 hours ahead of GMT) I managed to find a phone number and talked to the call centre, and they went through the same spiel about resetting passwords.  Then stated that he couldn't resolve it and would escalate it to a "level 2" and scheduled a call back in 12 hours.  Needless to say that call never came.  So then I email a complaint a couple of days ago, and I know it says to allow 7 days but I have documents in those accounts that I need to access urgently.  So I contact the call centre again and they start the whole "change passwords" spiel and then eventually tell me they can't help and to contact BT Premium Mail, which are closed of course as they are not 24/7.  The call centre couldn't explain why I hadn't been called back.  Nor could they give me a phone number to contact - except the 0808 number of course.  I feel like I am circling the same drain and getting nowhere.  Anyone have a solution?  I can't access anything to even have an idea of what is going wrong!

Also - is there any way to export your emails in bulk?  I don't want to be caught like this again.

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