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Can't activate BT Sport on PC or iPad

An interesting problem?
My Infinity 2 was physically installed on 8th December - then order did not 'close' (their explanation) and would not close being allocated as a 'Wholesale Stuck Order" (whatever that is?) - one to two days to sort (wasn't) - then up to five days (wasn't) - just finished a long chat with a rep (very pleasant) - but who, by taking control of my screen, shared my experience of the truly awfully designed BT online system response to 'activation failure' and suggested.... you guessed it, escalation and yet another up to five days for response. I have full transcript of chat and record of calls/contacts/times etc.
The upshot is there is a problem, BT Sport works on my Sky Box, and in HD as ordered, but will not activate on either PC or tablet (ipad) where it just seems to progress in endless loops of activation pages and failure (without any indication of same). It does not replacate the situation here in that the solution, which obviously worked for others, did not for me sadly. I have other issues, but trying to tackle one by one...
Anyone any other ideas please, as I cannot stand the prospect of a further delayed and time wasting response from BT themselves. Or is the problem just insurmountable and it would be quicker to go back to Sky?
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Re: Can't activate BT Sport on PC or iPad

Hi tocker100,


Welcome and thanks for posting!


I'm sorry for the problems you're having with your activation which is affecting you being able to watch BT Sport on your PC or Tablet.


Send me your details and I'll be happy to straighten everything out for you.  Click on my username and you'll see the link to get in touch under the section "about me".





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