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Can't activate Now TV after order completed



I may have the same problem, can you help please? Details below.

Any help gratefully recieved. Just signed up for the big sport TV package. In the order process i gave my bt email address (s.rob******** for setting up the NOW TV passess. After this I recieved a passcode from SKY in that email address INBOX which I used to complete the order (this was apparently used to link any NOWTV accounts I may have had (but i do no have one).

After order complete with BT I receive an email which contained "If you're new to NOW TV, you'll need to create a password to finish setting up your account." I use the link and takes me to a SKY site to set or reset a password - HOWEVER, it does not work. It does not recognise the email and that is where the process stops (SKY error message is :We couldn’t identify you. Please check and try again.)

How do I access and activate the NOWTV which was set up by BT during the order process

With thanks,



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Re: Can't activate Now TV after order completed

Hi @robersk1 

Welcome to the Community and thanks for your post!

I'm sorry for the problems you're having activating Now TV.  I understand that you've used the link in the email to complete the activation process but it's not recognising your details.

I have sent you a private message with instructions on how you can send us over your details and we'll look into this for you. See: Private messages



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Re: Can't activate Now TV after order completed

I had the same problem, for which the available buttons to reset password just sent me in circles.  Eventually I found a post suggesting a direct link which worked for me (using Windows with Microsoft Edge browser on my PC). 

Try in your browser and see if it works for you too. 

 I cannot understand why so many similar posts don't result in a proper fix.  Many blamed a Sky email address, but I didn't use any other.  I noticed that my TV shows a login name that I didn't create, presumably set up by BT when purchasing my new package which inculded NOW tv.  It has to be secure, but I wish they would make it work as they say it should.

I see responses from a moderator referring to private messages which I cannot see.  Why can't they just publish a solution like above, which has already worked for others?

Good luck

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Re: Can't activate Now TV after order completed

Can you do this for me as well?

I have spent best part of 2 hours on phone to BT today trying to sort out our sports package. (all the sky sports channels disappeared today). I was told I would need to re subscribe to the NOW tv sports package, which I did, was told I would get a confirmation e mail which has never arrived yet the order is marked as complete on my account.

I have set a password on the now tv web site but when I put this into the app on the tv it does not recognise it  and says I need to subscribe.

I am at my wits end trying to get my tv package sorted, I have spent the last 6 months trying to cancel Amazon Prime Video and cannot get rid of it.

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Re: Can't activate Now TV after order completed

Hi @janets1 sorry that you cannot access the Now TV service. I'm concerned you never received an email confirmation. Did you get an email explaining how to activate your Now TV?
If not please would you check the order on your online account to see if it contained the Now TV Sports package?
WE are very busy at present and it would take longer than usual for us to get to your case. If you are looking to get this resolved quickly you would be best to call in.



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Re: Can't activate Now TV after order completed

John thank you for responding.

Rather than bore everyone with the details I will send you a PM


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Re: Can't activate Now TV after order completed

Can anyone help me with this please.

i moved packages onto the NowTV pack and can access the channels fine on the epg and NowTV app on the box.

i gave my existing NowTV account details with a email and got a passcode but can’t see anywhere to put this and when I log into my existing NowTV account it says no passes. I have tried changing password but that doesn’t seem to make any difference. Where should the passcode go?


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Re: Can't activate Now TV after order completed

Hi @scointer sorry you are not able to access the Now TV account. You have already tried a password reset and that hasn't worked. Was any other email address discussed when you placed the order that may have been used for the Now TV account as that could be the issue.



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