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Can't change moving out date!?


We are hopefully moving house soon.  Due to the current situation it has been delayed a few times and i've had to change my BT moving dates a few times.  Always plenty in advance.


However i have just changed the activation date but not been given an option to change the moving out date.  I called BT and have been told they do not have the option either.  They said to call back in 24hrs to see if they can make changes then...  So at this rate i am set to lose my internet access in 5 days time on Monday because they can't change the moving out date.



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Re: Can't change moving out date!?


This is only a customer to customer help forum, and would not be able to help with this.

There would have to be a gap between the moving out date and the date you move in, to allow both BT and Openreach, to make the network changes, so a loss of service is not unusual.

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Re: Can't change moving out date!?

ah thats a shame.


Up until todays change i had both dates the same, originally set by BT when i made the order.  No install required etc as existing line at house.

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Re: Can't change moving out date!?

Even if there is an existing line, the network routing still has to be built, which takes time. The cease of your existing service would already be in the Openreach queue.


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Re: Can't change moving out date!?

That makes sense i guess.  A little misleading though as it states in multiple places to give them "at least 48hrs" if wanting to change dates.  I gave them 5 days.

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