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Can't connect to BTWifi-with-FON




Every time i try to  connect to BTWifi-with-FON  i get teh folllowing message :



" windows was unable to connect to BTWifi-with-FON "


I have never had problems connecting to the hotspot that i use at home.


I dont use a hub i only use this same hotpot


The signal strength is excellent and it has an orange thing on it with an exclamation mark but i've always had that and i just connnect and wait 5 minutes and then everythign is ok


For the last 3 days i havent been able to connect at all  and sometimes i havent even ben able to see the BTWIFI-FON


Its works perfectly on  2 other PCs 



This is the only computer that cant connect and sometimes cant see it


another thing i should mention is that before when i was connecting it would wait a much longer time before not connecting or connecting but this time it tells me i cant connect in 2 seconds like its not even trying.



This is an image of what i see before trying to connect to FON





This is an image of the message i get when i try to connect











Thanks a lot for your time






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Distinguished Sage
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Re: Can't connect to BTWifi-with-FON

Assuming it is not a problem on your computer, it may be that who ever owns the BTWifi hotspot needs to reset their Homehub. This can only be done by the owner and can not be done by BT. Unless you know the owner of the Homehub and can ask them to reset it there is nothing that can be done.


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