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Can't connect to Openzone or FON with iPhone 3G

I'm a BT broadband customer and I've been a member of FON for a while now. I finally got around to connecting to openzone hotspots while out and about today using my iPhone 3G.


Like many others who have posted in these forums, I haven't been able to connect. I get to the landing screen either by opening Safari or through a browser window which pops up, but my account details aren't recognised, or the landing screen simply renews itself once I've entered my details and hit "log in".


I'm not using the FON app since it won't run on IOS 3, and I don't want to upgrade to the IOS 4 as it doesn't run well on iPhone 3G. However, this shouldn't be a problem as I should still be able to connect via the browser right?


Having read the forums, I've checked the ip address assigned to the phone for the FON and Openzone connections, which begins etc. The DNS address begins 192 etc.


I've tried to "forget network", but I don't get that option in settings for the FON and Openzone signals.


I'm an Orange customer so I should also get access to Openzone via Orange. Oddly, that doesn't work either even using my assigned Orange logins.


Most likely a problem with the phone's settings but I'm darned if I know how to sort it out.


Can anyone give me some advice?

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Re: Can't connect to Openzone or FON with iPhone 3G

On the webpage are you selecting your provider as BT Total Broadband first before inputting you're details?


Do you have another device to test connection and login, laptop ect?


All else fails contact the BTFON/Openzone desk 08000223322




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