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Can't find channels 507 - 509

Got a letter in the post today from BT telling me that I can watch BT Sport1, BT Sport2, and ESPN on channels 507, 508, 509 on my BT TV.

But I can't find these channels on my BT TV box. I've done a retune several times, but these channels don't appear.
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Re: Can't find channels 507 - 509

Which box have you got? A BT Vision box or a Youview box?

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Re: Can't find channels 507 - 509

Pc and IPad work fine, but no channels on Youview box. Eventually got thru to call centre after loads of checks done, I was told that BT have configured my box incorrectly and needed to call 0800 800 801 because my order for BT Sport had been incorrectly configured. Interesting thou I did see all the IP channels on the box before they implemented my order for BT sport. Rang the said number and was cut off after 25mins of waiting
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Re: Can't find channels 507 - 509

I've got a BT Youview box. I've tried channel rescans, and software download, but still no channels 507 - 509.
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Re: Can't find channels 507 - 509

Do you have infinity?

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Re: Can't find channels 507 - 509

As Stuart asked, do you have Infinity? If so and you can't see the sports channels at 507-512 and the extra channels at 413 onwards in the guide then check the following


Go to Youview>Settings>System Information>Software versions and check the ISP Configuration.


It should be 29, if it is 28 the box is not configured for multicast channels and needs a software update which has to be initiated from the BT end.



If you don't then sport / extra channels are not available to you on the Youview box

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