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Can't get connected - no landline

In light of the Corona, I don't wish to complain too much but this is stupid.

We don't have broadband cause we need a line which was due to be sorted today.

The flat above, was also in the same boat as flats were converted from offices and the lines were disconnected and have been advised openreach / bt need to come out to either flick a switch or put something in.

Flat above gets their engineer come out in the morning, sorts their line.

They say that we need ours done to, he said we need to wait for our afternoon slot, fair enough.

After receiving 2 confirmation texts, the engineer rings me 1 hour before saying he can't come in due to coronavirus at the moment.

1. Why is he even working?
2. Why did the upstairs bt / openreach engineer go in to do theirs?
3. Why didn't he do both in the morning?
4. How can I work from home with no broadband?

Its baffling.

I can't get any broadband at all until this is done because we are not on the openreach network.

I get the circumstances and I wouldn't have  bothered with this post if upstairs, didn't have bt round to do theirs 3 hours earlier with no issues....

Oh and I cant get through to bt customer service.

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Re: Can't get connected - no landline

Is it BT that you are using ?, the engineer that called at your neighbours flat was an a Openreach engineer not a ‘BT’ engineer.
It’s not necessarily the case that the same engineer would get both jobs, work doesn’t have to be allocated by area as such, as engineers become available , by booking off their current job, their next job is allocated by a complex algorithm that decides the next task that is allocated, it doesn’t have to be a task in the same neighbourhood.
As with most things , OR engineers are responsible for their own  personal safety, and it can be subjective ,  it could be the engineer that visited your neighbours decided the risk was low, but the engineer that visited you decided the risk was unacceptable, I believe the OR guidance at the moment is only to get service to the building entry point , no internal work to be carried out.

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