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Can't identify some connected devices.....

Hi, I hope someone may be able to help me? I have a BT Whole Home mesh, using 4 discs. My main wifi provider is Virgin Media. The first disc is connected by ethernet cable to the Virgin router and everything, generally, works well. I have strong wifi throughout my house and into the garage and garden.

When I look on the app, I can see that all 4 discs are "blue" and connected. 3 are "Excellent" and the furthest away, in our "garden room" (ex-garage), is "Good".  Each disc tells me how many devices are connected to it. I assume that each disc will "choose" to connect devices as they move around (eg phones and tablets) but some are more "permanently" located (eg Google Home - we have 3 around the house)

There are a couple of devices that are "connected" that I have no idea what they are! One says "amazon- e344*****" which I think may be a Firestick. Another says "E8C74F0****" and I have absolutely no idea what that is!

Is there any way I can identify them?

Out of interest, I have two Chromecasts, attached to TVs in different rooms. Each room has a BT disc in. A disc and a Chromecast are in our conservatory, but the disc in that room isn't showing the Chromecast as a connected device.  The main disc, connected to the router, in our dining room (which is next door to the conservatory) DOES tell me it has a Chromecast connected to it but there isn't a Chromecast in that room No other disc tells me it has a Chromecast connected, so I have no idea how the one in the lounge is connected even though it works fine.

TBH, it probably isn't that important - as I say, everthing generally works well apart from the odd time when I've had to reset the Virgin router and that sometimes confuses the discs to the point that I pretty much have to set it all up again. But, I'd just like to know what the 2 oddly named devices are and why I can only see a single Chromecast!

Odd questions? Maybe I have nothing better to do right now!!

Thanks in advance of any replies


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Re: Can't identify some connected devices.....

Hi, not sure how you are managing your disks but I use the internet based access which you can do here:


Here you will be able to see the IP address as well as the MAC address of each item connected. If you check the devices you suspect, they should have this printed on a label attached to them.

You can then check that against the IP addresses showing in the device list.  You can then rename them in the device list. My Samsung TV always shows up as ‘local host’ until I rename it.   Hope that helps.

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Re: Can't identify some connected devices.....

A usefu site is which lets you look up the MAC address of a device to see what vendor manufactured it.  Sometimes it only tells you who makes the networks parts in the device but some times it’s specific.

Seems E8C74F0 is the prefix for LiteOn.  Have you got any of their gear ?