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Can't logon to to speed test

I just had a new bt smart hub installed and i am trying to do a speed test from my computer but it keeps asking me to login. Everytime i put my BT login details in, it just comes back again and asks me to login. I then tried to login into MyBT to check that my logon details was ok. When i logged into MyBT, it takes me to my mailbox but when i click on MyBT again to try and get to my account details, it keeps asking me for a login and password again - same as it is doing when i try and do the speedtest. How can i get it to go through? i'm assuming my login details and password details are correct as i can log into my email. 

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Re: Can't logon to to speed test

Hi @faidoo,

Thank you for posting. I'm sorry you're having problems getting into you My BT. Can you try clearing your internet cookies and cache?



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Re: Can't logon to to speed test

have you turned off smart setup

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Re: Can't logon to to speed test

Hi. The smart setup is off but still getting the issue

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Re: Can't logon to to speed test

Hi, I have cleared cookies and cache but still got the issue 😞

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Re: Can't logon to to speed test

Did you get an answer to this ? I get exactly the same - My broadband has been down more than up past 24 hrs, and when it is up has been painfully slow.


When I click the link at to test speed, it takes me to a login page, but as you mention, upon authentication, simply returns back to same login page.


I'm using Chrome browser on Macbook, all iOS and Chrome updates in place. The same happens when using Safari. I don't have a Windows machine.

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Re: Can't logon to to speed test

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