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Can't make the BT sports channels HD..

Since SEPTEMBER countless times I have tried to add the HD package to my already activated Bt sport channels... be it online or via the phone. Though I get absolutely no luck.

Each time I try to access the HD Bt sport channels it tries to set the channel up, then brings me to the "Subscribe now to watch BT Sport 1 HD" picture, with why seems to be a football pitch in the background.

The thing is... I've already tried to subscribe to the HD millions of times. Key to note is that the HD for the EXTRA channels (syfy, MTV, History) does work...

Anyone help...?
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Re: Can't make the BT sports channels HD..

According to the BT web site I think if you order the HD Extra bolt-on for £3 they will also throw in the BT Sport HD for free if you are a subscriber to the BT Sport pack. So there should be no need to order BT Sport HD separately if BT set up your account entitlements correctly.


HD Extra

A selection of TV channels in high definition for stunning picture quality and glorious detail. If you add HD Extra with BT Sport you'll also get BT Sport in HD at no extra cost.



Did you already have BT Sport set up before ordering the HD Extra package or did you order BT Sport afterwards?

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Re: Can't make the BT sports channels HD..

Though just to confuse things (BT like to do this) the current BT Tariff Guide states the following,


"If you take the BT Sport HD Pack there will be no charge for BT Sport HD if you have HD Extra."


What exactly does it mean by "take the BT Sport HD Pack"? Does that mean you have to order it separately, which is what you tried and found didn't work? When you tried to order it online did it actually state that it was free because you already had HD Extra?



I don't know how things work on the BT Youview+ box, but on the BT Vision+ box you can see your multicast channel entitlements via the settings menu and along with others there is one called 'HD Extra' and another called 'BT Sport HD' so it's pretty obvious if the account has been set up correctly for both or not.

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Re: Can't make the BT sports channels HD..

I'll ask a Mod to help

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Re: Can't make the BT sports channels HD..

Hi Confused_Scoob


I can have this investigated for you to see if we can get this added on for you.


Send me an email using the contact the mods link in my profile.





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